ITX is on the frontier of many incredible opportunities. We recently announced our auditions for Carrie: The Musical. Our patrons, students, and supporters probably noticed TBA listed next to our rehearsal and class venue. While we have a dance studio in mind to hold these events, which we would rent by the hour, we are excited to share with you that ITX is in talks to acquire a permanent rehearsal venue and office space in Spring. While this is a thrilling time, we need your help to make this dream a reality!

We are asking 40 people to join our 100 Club. Like any growing company, we are reaching out to you: our loyal donors and supporters to stand with us as we reach for a new goal. Once we have secured the venue, ITX will begin holding classes, camps, workshops, private lessons, and many other things in the rehearsal studio. This will allow us to reach new heights as a youth theatre company by creating income for upkeep, as well as income for more productions!

What is The 100 Club?

The 100 Club will be constituents who have pledged to donate $100 or more specifically for the use of acquiring the venue. It is our hope to have 40 members of the 100 Club. All 100 Club members will receive the benefits under the corresponding level of sponsorship, which can be found here on our website. Members will be listed on the website and in all of next season's programs as The 100 Club.


Why should I donate?

-ITX has a strong mission of bringing professional quality theatre and training to the young people of Houston.

-ITX is a non-profit pending organization, so your donations are tax-deductible!

- Most of our students are located in Spring. While we have mainly rehearsed in the Spring area for our past shows, cabarets, and workshops, we have also had to have rehearsals in various locations all over Houston. We would love to permanently be in the Spring area for the ease of our students and their parents.

-We could offer more training for students. This includes expanding our group classes, adding master classes with well-known performers, and expanding our teaching staff. This would also include diversity in our classes, such as different types of dance, vocal, and acting classes happening on different nights of the week.

-ITX has always provided a safe, supportive environment for our students to create art. Having this venue would continue to foster that and would encourage more students to come train with us.

-This location comes with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Not only will this improve our dance training, it will also help in acting exercises and vocal techniques.

-ITX would also be acquiring a permanent office space, which would make appointments, payments from parents, and many other things much easier.

I'm ready to donate!

Great! We are thrilled you are willing to help us make this dream a reality! Simply click the button below to get started! Then, you can use your personal paypal account or simply click the continue button to use a credit or debit card. 

If your heart is leading you to support us with a different amount then you may go to Support Iconotheatrix and donate any amount you would like.

Have questions? Please contact us at anytime by email at, or you can reach David Allen, III, Vice President and Director of Public Relations, by calling (281)788-5101.



Thank you for your consideration and continued support! We are excited about this wonderful opportunity that has been presented to us, and we hope you are as well. We want to continue bringing professional training and productions to our students and community, and this is an important step! We hope you will join us!