Based on Puccini's beloved opera, La Boheme, Rent follows the ups and downs of a year in the life of a group of impoverished, artistic friends living in Manhattan's East Village. Mark, an aspiring filmmaker, struggles to find his place in the world; his roommate Roger, an HIV-positive musician, wonders how he will leave his mark before he dies. Mimi and Angel look for true love as they face the harsh reality of life as HIV-positive young people, while the business-like Joanne seeks fidelity from her wild-child performance artist girlfriend Maureen. The group's dreams, losses, and love stories weave through the musical's narration to paint a stunningly raw and emotional portrait of the gritty bohemian world of New York City in the late 1980's, under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. Iconotheatrix' presents a version of Rent that has been rated PG13. With the permission of the Jonathan Larson Estate, this version of RENT has been adapted for use in schools and other producing organizations. While retaining the dramatic intent of this groundbreaking musical, minimal changes have been made to language and one song ("Contact") has been deleted. 


Rent Production Team
Directed by: Eboni Bell
Assistant Director: David Allen III
Music Director: Robin Cobb
Stage Manager: Sophie Rossiter
Vocal Consultant: Kristen DelBosque
Light Design: Brooke Joffrion
Show Coordinator: Logan Vaden

Rent Cast
Mark Cohen- Hayes Howard
Roger Davis- JT Fischer
Tom Collins- Braylon Alexander
Benjamin Coffin III- Tariq Mieres
Joanne Jefferson- Morgan Kaupert
Angel Schunard- Erik Tristan
Mimi Marques- Cailyn Keliehor
Maureen Johnson- Morgan Montgomery
Blanket Person- Joseph Concha
Restaurant Man- Ty Duke
Mr. Grey- David Allen III
Mrs. Cohen- Ryann Stringfellow
Roger's mom- Abby Holmes
Mr. Jefferson- John James
Mrs. Jefferson-Cassidy D'Agostino
Mimi's mom- Jackie Cortina
Alexi Darling- Cassidy D'Agostino

Ensemble: Joseph Concha, Ty Duke, Ryann Stringfellow, Abby Holmes, John James, Cassidy D'Agostino, Jackie Cortina

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